Thursday, May 14, 2009

Get back to Nature!

We are living in a hectic world. If we intend to eliminate that turmoil in our personal life we really need to touch home base. We must get back to nature! It will assist us in improving physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic health. If you have time to take a 20 minute stroll in the mountains, then you don't need aromatherapy!

If your life is like mine, and you feel lucky to touch grass once a day then aromatherapy is a MUST!

I haven't been able to sleep very well for some time now. I have tried all of the natural remedies I could think of and still my eyes and mind are wide awake at 4 AM. I am very excited to tell you that I am on to something that is finally working!

Aromavera has a new synergy, (which is a combination of 2 oils that work better than either individually) called SLEEP, a combination of lavender and Chamomile that is working. I have tried lavender many times to no avail.
Here is the routine that is working for me:

1 hr. before I want to go to bed I fix a cup of Chamomile tea and let it seep for 20 min.
Then I journal for 10 to 15 min to get all of the stuff out of my head and onto paper.
Next I run a bath with 1/2 C. of soda, 1/2 C. of Epsom salts, which I add 9 drops of Sleep synergy to.
I drink my tea in the tub while relaxing for 1/2 hr.
Next I just drop off to that ever coveted place, deep restful sleep.

For those of you with only a shower you can add sleep essential oil to your shower gel. Better yet mix 15 drops of sleep essential oil in 2 0z of hand lotion and rub on your body. Relax while it is absorbing into your skin.
Whatever you don't don't watch the news... how are you going to relax after that?

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Chamomile is one of the most widely used flowers for herbal tea. Chamomile Tea is so popular, it is found in most grocery stores in the tea aisle. It is used as a mild sedative, and is good for insomnia as well as many other nervous conditions. It is nervine and sedative especially suited to teething children and those who have been in a highly emotional state over a long period of time. Except for the small risk of allergy, Chamomile is also one of the safest herbs to use.

Chamomile flowers are used in alternative medicine as an anodyne, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, nerve's, stomach, tonic, vasodilatory. The anti-inflammatory properties make it good for rheumatism, arthritis, and other painful swellings. Additional uses in herbal medicine include an antispasmodic for intestinal and menstrual cramps, relieving gas pains, and a very mild but efficient laxative. Milder tea in large doses is given throughout the day for fevers, sore throats, the aches and pains due to colds, flu, and allergies.

Chamomile contains coumarin, a naturally-occurring compound with anticoagulant or blood-thinning effects. It should not be combined with warfarin or other medications or supplements that have the same effect or be used by people with bleeding disorders. It shouldn't be used two weeks before or after surgery.

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